The truth about the C9 Cleanse

Ok, so I know that you’ve probably heard something about this “C9 Cleanse thing”???You probably know of someone who’s tried it or you’ve seen posts about it on social media, or maybe you’ve even tried it before? Either way, you mayyyyyyy have heard something but don’t worry if you haven’t until now, I’m here to give you a breakdown of what it actually is!! But first, I’ll tell you what it ISN’T….

* It is NOT some crazy fad diet designed to starve you to death.
* It is NOT a quick weight-loss programme that guarantees an instant body-builder physique.
* It is NOT something that you should repeat every 9 days in order to continue to add to your results.

It is, in fact, exactly what it says on the tin. C9 = Cleanse 9 = Body cleanse/detox in just 9 days!! Ta-daaaaaa, we like to keep things very simple!

Basically, without getting too technical, the cleanse is designed to provide the body with the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients whilst cleansing the body through the internal organs, and preparing it for a smooth transition into a healthier lifestyle. The C9 comes equipped with everything that you will need (excluding foodπŸ€”) during the cleanse period. So you just sit back, relax and follow the step by step instructions!!! There’s even an app to tell you what to do when you’re on the go! Couldn’t be easier.


So I decided to do this C9 cleanse as a way of kick-starting my fitness journey, which I have been saying I’d do for some time. Me + two friends decided to go through this journey together! And thank goodness we did!!! Every time I even thought about the snack cupboard, or considered reverting back to my biscuit munching habits, I would seem to get a motivational “we can do it!” Or “think of the results” what’sapp message, it was like they knew!! 😢😢😢 So anyway, here’s the lowdown on my experience with the C9…..
Days 1 & 2

OMG!!! What have I done?!?! 😩 Looking through the C9 box for some “low calorie sweets or chocolate” and it turns out, there aren’t any!!! 😩😳πŸ˜₯ What I DO find though, are blister packs of supplements, 2 bottles of aloe drinking gel, a tape measure, fibre sticks, a day-to-day tracker for me to fill in, and fabulous drink shaker!!


What’s in the box

I’ll just tell you this now… the first two days are by FAR the most difficult!! 48 hours feels like at least a year!! This is because, in order to have an effective cleanse, you’ve got to wash all the bad stuff out of your body, which involves drinking a LOT of aloe gel, a lot of water, and refraining from gobbling up all those delicious meals we are so accustomed to. I’m not sure if you know what the inside of an aloe leaf tastes like, but when you do this cleanse, you’ll sure know about it!! Prepare for a distinctive bitter taste, thick and pulpy in texture. It’s not sold for its taste, but the amount of goodness that this gel alone offers to your body makes every last drop of it completely worth it!! So I closed my eyes and gulped down 120ml of the stuff 4 times a day!! Surprisingly, I quickly got used to it.


Let’s do this!!

I noticed, during these two days, just how many urges I have a day to take a little walk to the fridge or the cupboard to pick out and indulge on whatever took my fancy. But I stuck to the structure of my C9 booklet, and although all I wanted to do was eat an entire pack of biscuits, I was determined to do this properly!! And slowlyyyyyyy the urges eased off. I began to look forward to my daily protein shake, (which are hella tasty by the way) and ate my “free foods” when I began to feel hungry. (All of the free foods are listed in the C9 booklet and app)

Day 3
Getting into routine
Ohhhh day 3!!!! How I love you!!! πŸ’•πŸ˜Not only did I weigh myself and discover that I had already lost 4lbs (πŸŽ‰πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ) But today was the day that the cleanse introduces a second delicious protein shake into your food schedule. AND on top of that, we get a nice cooked meal of 600 calories. I know what you’re thinking!! 600 calories is nothing!! But I can assure you that there are lots of delicious filling meals that will keep you within that 600 calorie limit. I cooked a homemade chicken and aubergine curry topped with plain yoghurt and coriander served with wholegrain basmati rice πŸ˜‹πŸ½ I had been fantasising about this for 2 days, and wow was it incredible!!!


Scrumptious homemade chicken and aubergine curry

Something that surprised me about Day 3, was that I actually began to miss having all those shots of the aloe gel 😢 After the first two days, the C9 plan only requires you to drink 120ml of the gel a day (rather than 120ml x 4) after the 2 main cleansing days are complete βœ”οΈ

Days 4 to 8


Wholegrain spaghetti with salmons and creme fraiche sauce

Wholegrain spaghetti with Salmon, Cherry Tomatoes & Creme Fraiche
Easy peasy lemon squeezy!!!! I’ve totally got this!! 😁 The workouts have increased in intensity because my meals are giving my body even more energy. If anything is a great motivator, it’s seeing how much this is really WORKING, and not just for me, but for my training buddies too!!
So let’s talk about the pros and the cons:

* I’m drinking so much water that I constantly have to pee!!
* I’ve had to restrict my social life to avoid temptation!!
* I spend all day fantasising about what delicious 600 calorie meal I’m going to whip up! πŸ˜‹πŸ’­

* I’ve saved A LOT of money!
* I feel energised!
* No day time naps!
* My urges to snack have subdued!
* The physical RESULTS are fantastic!!

Not much to complain about!!!

Day 9

The final day!! I strangely felt sad about the cleanse coming to an end, it was great to have that
discipline and follow the structure of the program, as well as have my friends doing it alongside me.
My final weigh-in revealed that I had lost 5.5lbs in just 9 days!! And honestly, it really wasn’t
difficult. At times, YES!! But overall, in 9 days to lose that amount??!? 😳 Can’t complain! And not only that, but I’m feeling sooooo good on the inside as a result of the cleanse. It’s been a really great way to kick start my fitness journey πŸ˜‰

I feel AMAZING!!!
Now, I hate to break it to you, but it is NOT recommended that after the cleanse, you run out and eat an entire bucket of KFC to celebrate your success; but instead maintain your healthy lifestyle. There is even a kick-ass follow-on programme that helps you to keep those food habits at bay and will
enable you to see even further results. This cleanse is really just scratching the surface πŸ’ͺ🏽

If you want my honest opinion, I’d highly recommend giving it a go yourself and seeing your results, I’d love to hear all about it!! If I were you, I would just make sure that you don’t have any big parties or holidays booked within those 9 days.


Results in just 9 days!! And this is only the beginning!

Thanks for reading my blog, feel free to comment or ask me anything about what you’ve read!! I encourage you to tell your friends!!
πŸ’•share the blog, share the loveπŸ’•
Sherilyn xx

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When your dreams are bigger than your bank account…..

I know that at times it’s so easy for us to forget how unique and individual we all are; we each have qualities that nobody else has, yet tend to force ourselves to conform to what we are told that we should become.

I have always known deep down, from a young age, that i wanted more for my life than I had started with. My dreams grew in size the older I got, even though I was constantly told by those around me that I would need to “settle down” and find a “real job” eventually.

I find it so hard to believe that humans, the fascinating creatures that we are, were put onto this gorgeous planet to spend the majority of our lives doing something that doesn’t necessarily fulfil us; I want more than that for myself, and deep down I think everybody does, but the fear of being different terrifies us! And the fear of failure is unbearable to most of us! Myself included, which is why I’ve decided that failure is not an option!

I distinctly remember the time in my life when I stopped believing that anything was possible. This is a story for another time, but the bottom line is that this was a horrible feeling, and this quickly led to a downward spiral of negativity and depression I blamed myself, I blamed my upbringing, I blamed the people around me. Once I was in that place, I never thought I’d get out! On top of that, in true spirit of the law of attraction, everything else began to crumble dramatically around me. Friendships suffered, my confidence was shattered, I seemed to attract unfortunate events, I distanced myself from my family, my work life was depressing. I felt as though I was completely falling apart.

I then began to travel, at first this was my way of escaping my problems, but anyone who has been through something similar will understand that it doesn’t work. There may be a delay at first, but these problems will soon catch up with you, and when they do, it hurts like HELL!! Looking back, I think it’s important to remember that no matter how things may seem on the outside, you never truly know what a person is going through.


I’ve never met a strong person with an easy past

I never would have expected it, but during this vulnerable time, something amazing happened to me. Through travelling, I learned so much about myself; my strengths and weaknesses, I experienced true joy and fulfilment and I witnessed first-hand some of natures most beautiful backdrops. My attitude towards life developed and I now understand how it feels to cherish every moment, no matter how hard it is in that moment. The old phrase “life’s too short” springs to mind, and it’s so true.

One big lesson I learned is that everybody’s “normal” is different. And that is completely ok! What doesn’t seem bizarre to me sounds ludicrous to another person and vice versa. This is the beauty of what makes the world so unique, if everybody wanted exactly the same thing, planet earth would be a pretty boring place!

I think what I’m trying to say is that once you find the tiniest hint of something that intrigues you, or makes you happy, do what you can to act on that curiosity! “Feel the fear and do it anyway” I guarantee you won’t regret it!! And if you do, I give you full permission to tell me off 😝


Climbing Mount Fuji, Japan

No matter how low you find yourself, there is an endless amount of sky, and there is plenty of room for you to rise, so just go for it! Your dreams and desires are embedded in you right now, but if you’re anything like me, you may have pushed them away to make room for your “normal” life. Allow them to resurface, and indulge in your dreams. Imagine life as if you can have anything you set your heart on! (Which you absolutely can)
9 times out of ten, your dreams will be bigger than your bank account, however, by acting on your dreams and accepting opportunities, your bank account will grow! Focus on your happiness, and enjoy this crazy, out of control rollercoaster that we call life!

Love Sherilyn xx

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