Three things that happened when I started saying yes!

It’s so important to know that everybody’s life journey will be completely different. I know it really goes without saying, but as humans, we are extremely complicated creatures and sometimes we’re so busy being complex, that we forget about the simple things – or choose to overlook what may appear to be common sense. No two people will experience the same things, or have the same thoughts, or remember the same moments – which is what makes us so ridiculously unique!!! We can be sat right next to somebody and watch the exact same scenario play out, yet interpret it in completely different ways! Isn’t that crazy?!

As I said before, this is by no means a new discovery. So, I have a question….. 🤔 Knowing this, why do we sometimes have a tendency to look sideways, and compare our journeys to somebody else’s? It’s a completely illogical thing to do, yet I’m certain we have all done it, some of us may even be doing it right now?! It’s bad habit I suppose. But like all habits, it can be broken.


3 steps to a better life

I am soooooooo guilty of looking sideways at people who seemingly cruised through life without so much as a bump in the road. Yet there was me clinging on for dear life, as I got flung around left, right and centre, my knuckles white from holding on as tight as I could onto the rollercoaster of life, that dragged me full-throttle whether I liked it or not!

There are two simple explanations for this, and they both apply in this circumstance;

#1. These people were also being dragged around on their own personal rollercoasters. Believe it or not, we are all surprisingly good at appearing like we’re holding it together, even when we’re completely falling apart.

#2. I (and I know many of you are the same) would intentionally put myself into much more challenging and difficult situations than the average person probably does. That’s not to say I believe I’m any more capable or worked harder than anyone else, but I have a hunger for things that some people would view as “unrealistic”. Therefore, I would immerse myself into a environment that mildly resembled a shark tank, and figure out how to get out later 😳 (preferably alive)

Introducing my “YES” mindset!!!


Our personal journey is the reason we’re here

The “YES” mindset is both your best friend and worst enemy, which is why some people choose not to have it!! The “best friend” part doesn’t come until later down the line, yet the “worst enemy” part meets you right at the start line. This makes it the easiest point to give up because you’ve not invested too much at this point, so you’re not reallyyyyy losing anything. (That’s what you’ll tell yourself) But, if you choose to stay on track, what you’ll meet at the finish line will 100% change your life!! Here’s how….

Unless you really put yourself out there and challenge yourself, it’s very likely that your life will stay the same. That might not be a bad thing at all, you may already have your perfect life and can not see anything that could possibly improve it. Additionally, yes, opportunities do occasionally knock, at your door, however, if you haven’t yet developed your “YES” mindset, you may overlook them; once you’ve overlooked so many, they tend to stop coming, and it will then take much more effort to find them again. Even the tiniest of opportunities can lead to the most incredible things, so I believe it’s important to be open to them.

More often than not, a “YES” mindset leads to meeting new people. Whether it’s visiting a place you’ve never been to before and meeting new people there, or having a go at something that you enjoy and meeting a person with common interests. Either way, if you only stick to your current routine, it makes it difficult to be around new people. I’ve always been 1000% happy with the friends that I’ve always had and did not have a need for anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I still am 1000% happy with my lifelong friends, but whilst travelling or trying something new, I’ve now met people who I have many deeper common interests with, and who I have experienced things with that I never would with some of my other friendship circles. There are SO many sides to all of our personalities, and it’s very rare that we will have exactly all of the same interests as all of our friends. Your “YES” mindset encourages you to be around those people that you wouldn’t usually come across.

The personal achievement that you feel after a journey that begins with your “YES” mindset, is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding feelings that you’ll ever experience!! I think a lot of us have a little space floating around inside us that craves for more. “More what?,” you ask. Honestly, I don’t know….Just more of something that you can’t quite put your finger on, it’s different for every person, but it generally boils down to your own personal fulfilment and satisfaction. Once you’ve achieved this, really, really achieved it, the rest is history!!
The funny thing is, I do still look back and cringe intensely at some of the challenges I have dared to attempt. But no challenge is impossible, and unfortunately it’s very difficult to get good at something and look good doing it. So we MUST allow ourselves to be amateurs, everybody was at some point!! Even the top dogs!


Learn to laugh at your mistakes

I can honestly say that although my journey seems as though it’s been a tough one (and will probably only get tougher!!) the fact that I’ve said yes has already developed me into someone I’d never thought I’d be. I am absolutely certain that this applies to most if you reading this, but the times I have used my “YES” mindset and stuck to it, have paid off incredibly. It’s never too late to develop this mindset, and if you’re not there yet, I’d encourage you to start today. And why not?! If I can do it, anybody can. It will literally change your life!!

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