F£&@ it, its Christmas!!

‘Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la, la la la la!! I cannot BELIEVE that Christmas has arrived so quickly this year, it’s making me question the real truth about time! I’m sure we’ve all heard all the theory that time is just an illusion; I’ve always believed this to some extent, but this year has confirmed it for me!! Some cheeky bugger fast-forwarded the world clock!!


My beautiful pooch Noelle turned 3 this Christmas

So here we are, we’ve been catapulted into the festive season. And I love it!! Me and my friend were having a conversation the other day about a certain mentally that we get at time of year. We nicknamed it the “F&@% it, it’s Christmas” mentality. I’m sure you’re all experiencing elements of it at this very moment. Let me break it down for you into three categories….


This quote though….

With this mentality, we are outrageous with our choices of food. We know full-well that we shouldn’t eat that ENTIRE family size bag of crisps or that giant box of malteasers!! So in order to make ourselves feel better about over-indulging, we reason with ourselves…. “I’ve been good for the past few weeks, I’ve home cooked everything and haven’t snacked at work. It’s December, I deserve this!” **chomp chomp chomp**

Lack of productivity
We also find it the perfect time to do as little as possible. We may have worked really hard all year to get organised and create a structure. Or we may have been learning something new everyday for the full year, yet slam the brakes on as soon as we hear those Christmas songs! Again, we’ll say that we deserve this, and we need a rest. (Which is true most of the time!)


I’ve waited all year for this nap

No control over finances
This one I KNOW we’re all guilty of 🙈 We get totally reckless with our spending!! We spend money in a way we wouldn’t dream of doing in the other 11 months of the year! I don’t just mean on presents, I mean on social events, gifts for ourselves which we nickname “treating ourselves”, we eat out, we travel up and down the country. Our bank accounts raise their eyebrows when December hits!!

Understand that if we do these three things excessively over December, it will take at least the first few months of the following year to get back to where you were. I don’t know why, it just does! Now, don’t get it twisted, these are all perfectly reasonable things to do! We’re not wrong, shouldn’t feel guilty, we’re only human and have the right to spend some time in this mentality. The main problem is, we know every year that December is coming, it’s not a surprise!! So one way we can get around this is to prepare! Plan your finances, treat yourself little and often so that this ginormous splurge doesn’t throw everything off. When eating healthily throughout the year, you don’t want to be so disciplined that an all-out binge is bound to happen! Everything in moderation! (Literally everything, if you want it, eat some! ☺️- Just as long as you’re in control)

I hope that if you’re reading this and stuck in this mentality, don’t worry about it! You’ll get you’re momentum back, just start right now!! The actions you take today, will have an affect next week, next month, next year. So no matter how small, it matters! Just start!


Getting ready for 2017! Which I’ve decided will be my best year yet

The bigger issue is, what do we do about the “F%@£ it, it’s Friday” mentality!? That’s a little harder to fix 🤔

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Nobody’s perfect!! But who wants to be anyway?!

A word I find quite amusing is “perfectionist”, not because I’m SO far from perfect that it may as well not be in my vocabulary (which is also true)!! But because I don’t think that any of us actually know what it means! One person’s “perfect” is another persons absolute disaster!! Not only is perfection impossible to achieve, but if we were, quote-unquote, “perfect” then boyyyyy would our lives be boring?!?!

Imagine trying to explain to somebody what a perfect day you had, EVERYDAY!!?!? We would literally have nothing to talk about.

I can’t speak for everyone, but for some reason, whenever I try to be “perfect”, life has other plans for me and takes the opposite route. It’s almost like the MORE I try to reign all of my imperfections in, the more they rebel, in a quest to reveal themselves to the world!! How embarrassing 🙈


I think we all need this!!

Anyway, from experience, I would suggest that instead, you should try to embrace your imperfections. When it comes down to it, that’s what defines us. Our inability to keep a straight face when we’re getting told off, the fact that we are more likely to open something if it says “do not open”, how much interest we have in the “wrong guy” instead of “the guy that will do anything for us”! We are ridiculous creatures!!! But guess what, we learn. And 99 times out of 100 we choose to learn the hard way, which is so painful!!! But those are the lessons that will shape us forever.

So really when you work yourself into a state, and mentally reel off that list of all the things that are wrong with you, what you should be doing is trying to work out what elements of your “imperfections” make you so special. I found it hard to grasp this at first, and would get so frustrated with myself – why couldn’t I just be like everyone else?
Silly now when I think about it 😜


I chose to live by this quote. Every year, I aim to make progress on my previous year 🙂

I’ll give you my example of my “imperfections/specialities”……

  • Trait; I never ever knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. Had no clue! I knew that somewhere along the way I wanted to perform, I wanted to travel, I was keen on cooking, I love to write. But really, in terms of one solid career, I didn’t ever know what direction to even start!
  • Problems this caused; When people around me were selecting their courses to focus that would take them to their dreams, my path spread out around me in multiple different directions, and it caused me to panic like you wouldn’t believe! My confidence vanished and my self-belief plummeted.
  • How I used this to my advantage; After years of rebuilding myself and working hard on my personal development (which is another story in itself) I began to realise that I could flip this into a positive. What was stopping me from deciding that I was going to do it all?! Reaching for many little goals and achieving them then gave me the confidence and ability to strive for larger ones! Rather than one story, I’ve created lots and they all overlap and intertwine, which has made me the person I am today!
  • Pros; I have created a very exciting and passion-fuelled life for myself that I wouldn’t change for the world; I literally cannot remember the last time I was bored!!
  • Cons; Sometimes I wonder when I’ll ever be completely satisfied, but I guess I’ll keep going until I know 😊

This is just one of many little “glitches” that I have, but the good news is, they aren’t so bad after all . I hope this helps somebody to realise what I realised not too long ago; Your imperfections are perfect, and will lead you to the life that was always destined for you xx

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Sherilyn xx

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