How to get motivated and STAY motivated

I feel like this is the PERFECT time to write this blog!! I heard recently that the 3rd Monday of January is one of the most difficult days of the YEAR – and I believe it too!! I know what you’re thinking, 3 weeks in? What hope do we have?? But honestly, we can fix it, so don’t worry.

First, I’ll just explain why this particular day carries such a heavy accusation. So let’s rewind a couple of weeks…..


It was Christmas, we finally got those special days off that we had been waiting for all year; we drank, we ate, we were merry. We managed to catch up with friends and family. We ate again! We were grateful for those around us and grateful for being fortunate to live the life we do. “It’s not so bad after all, I suppose”, we said to ourselves. We were determined to make 2017 even better than 2016! We made silent promises to ourselves to relax, live in the moment, enjoy life, eat healthy, workout, travel more, spend more time with friends and family. We then segway’d into NYE, where we allowed ourselves one last hoorahhh, the opportunity to indulge once more before entering the new year with determination and focus. This was it!!! Here’s to 2017!!

We approach the New Year, full of passion, determination, our goals are at the forefront of our minds. We are Goal-Digging-Beasts, taking on life one positive strive at a time. Nothing can stop us!!…….Or can it??

The doubt starts to creep in around now (3rd week of Jan) when what we know as “reality” kicks in. Those days that we had off work have meant that we’re now playing catch up, the cold weather has meant that we dread going outside for the daily run that we promised ourselves, transport companies decide to strike, meaning that a 40 minute journey has now turned into a 2 and a half hour journey. The year is flying by so quickly already and the festive season feels like a lifetime ago!! We begin to question if we’ve bitten off more than we can chew, we slowly start to subconsciously adjust our goals. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

If so, you’re not alone, which at least is some relief. But let’s get to the bottom of this!!

If you did make new years resolutions, I’m going to take a guess and assume that you decided that you would start to implement the actions you needed to do all around the same time? For example, if you had a plan to find a new job, get fit and healthy and decorate your room; you may have started handing out CV’s, blasted out some gym sessions and bought your paint from B&Q all within the first few days of Jan? Let me just point out, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this, it’s a very productive thing to do. The problem is, when week two of the year isn’t quite as productive (because we’ve forgotten about the other daily commitments that take up more time than we’ve made allowances for) we feel disappointed in ourselves. We get a bit frustrated because life has got in the way and we feel that we should be further ahead than we actually are.

The good news is, we still have plenty of year left!! In order to make the most of it, I would suggest that you stagger what you would like to focus on. Still do everything, but pick a “Focus of the Week” this will help you to see the progress you’ve made in that area, rather than doing a teeny bit of everything and not seeing a great deal of results. So let’s say that this week, your Focus of the Week was “Decorate room” – it doesn’t mean that the entire thing has to be complete by the end of the week, that’s wayyyyy to much pressure. But picking it as the focus, means that you can do things like select your colour scheme, find the right bedding that you want, maybe buy the dressing table and some photo frames. This is making progress towards the end result without panicking you. The following week could be to focus on healthy eating; so you could do a big food shop, and prep your meals and snacks for the first part of the week, this will then reduce temptation when out and about as you’ve already got food on you. Once you begin to rotate your focus as each new week comes in, they’ll become second nature. And rather than catapulting headfirst into your goals, you’ll gradually get there and the discipline will have developed over time to keep you there.

As humans, we are ridiculously self-critical; I can guarantee that if you ask the 5 closest people to you if they’re disappointed in how you’ve done so far this year with your plans, they would say absolutely not. From an outside perspective they can see the improvements you’ve made even though they’re not quite up to your very high personal standards. My advice to you right now, STOP being so hard on yourself!! If you’re too hard on yourself it can completely demotivate and derail you. When it comes to that stuff, we are our own worst enemy! Try not to fall into that trap.

Getting motivated is the easy part, but staying motivated is a whole different ball game. That is the biggest difference between success and failure, losing your motivation. Your persistence, your drive, your hunger can easily diminish once it has been created. So here’s three steps to help you to sustain it, even through the difficult times;

  • Tell the world – this is a scary one I know!! Many people keep quiet about their goals, because there’s a chance that they may not achieve them. And nobody wants their failure* to be exposed. But what we don’t realise, is that by not proclaiming it, we are less likely to succeed because we are not being held accountable. We secretly like a little bit of pressure to push us. I would also suggest an accountability partner! I don’t know what I’d do without mine!!


  • Be precise and put a deadline on it! – You may have heard people say “A goal is a dream with a deadline” and this couldn’t be more true. Your dreams are your “One Day” thoughts, things that you would love to achieve but not really sure how to or if you really are capable. The second that you sign it and date it, it becomes a goal. That goal, you must work towards with everything you’ve got! If you want to lose weight, do not say “I’d like to lose weight in 2017” NOPE! You need to say “I WILL lose 12lbs by the 20th September” write it somewhere that you can see it, and sign it. This will make a huge difference.


  • Decide WHY you’re doing it – Sometimes it’s not enough to just want something. “I want a Ferrari” probably won’t get you a Ferrari. It takes a LOT more than that. If you attach this to your reason why, it becomes part of your subconscious. Having the Ferrari isn’t really about having the Ferrari, it’s about what it represents. Really delve deep into this, think about what it is about that car that will contribute to your life. The financial stability that surrounds it, the fact that your children may have the kind of future that you had only dreamed of as a child, the personal achievements that you must have made in order to get to the end result. Think about how it will feel and believe that this car is yours. Your WHY is stronger than anything life can throw at you, if you really get to the bottom on it.


The bottom line is that motivation is the key to success, and without it, we are destined to fail*. Do your best to stay motivated in your chosen path and success will come your way.


An Accountability Partner is a must!!!


Failure* – There really is no such thing, just lessons along the way. You make the decision whether to dust yourself off and continue. The only way you can ultimately fail it to quit. So don’t quit!

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F£&@ it, its Christmas!!

‘Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la, la la la la!! I cannot BELIEVE that Christmas has arrived so quickly this year, it’s making me question the real truth about time! I’m sure we’ve all heard all the theory that time is just an illusion; I’ve always believed this to some extent, but this year has confirmed it for me!! Some cheeky bugger fast-forwarded the world clock!!


My beautiful pooch Noelle turned 3 this Christmas

So here we are, we’ve been catapulted into the festive season. And I love it!! Me and my friend were having a conversation the other day about a certain mentally that we get at time of year. We nicknamed it the “F&@% it, it’s Christmas” mentality. I’m sure you’re all experiencing elements of it at this very moment. Let me break it down for you into three categories….


This quote though….

With this mentality, we are outrageous with our choices of food. We know full-well that we shouldn’t eat that ENTIRE family size bag of crisps or that giant box of malteasers!! So in order to make ourselves feel better about over-indulging, we reason with ourselves…. “I’ve been good for the past few weeks, I’ve home cooked everything and haven’t snacked at work. It’s December, I deserve this!” **chomp chomp chomp**

Lack of productivity
We also find it the perfect time to do as little as possible. We may have worked really hard all year to get organised and create a structure. Or we may have been learning something new everyday for the full year, yet slam the brakes on as soon as we hear those Christmas songs! Again, we’ll say that we deserve this, and we need a rest. (Which is true most of the time!)


I’ve waited all year for this nap

No control over finances
This one I KNOW we’re all guilty of 🙈 We get totally reckless with our spending!! We spend money in a way we wouldn’t dream of doing in the other 11 months of the year! I don’t just mean on presents, I mean on social events, gifts for ourselves which we nickname “treating ourselves”, we eat out, we travel up and down the country. Our bank accounts raise their eyebrows when December hits!!

Understand that if we do these three things excessively over December, it will take at least the first few months of the following year to get back to where you were. I don’t know why, it just does! Now, don’t get it twisted, these are all perfectly reasonable things to do! We’re not wrong, shouldn’t feel guilty, we’re only human and have the right to spend some time in this mentality. The main problem is, we know every year that December is coming, it’s not a surprise!! So one way we can get around this is to prepare! Plan your finances, treat yourself little and often so that this ginormous splurge doesn’t throw everything off. When eating healthily throughout the year, you don’t want to be so disciplined that an all-out binge is bound to happen! Everything in moderation! (Literally everything, if you want it, eat some! ☺️- Just as long as you’re in control)

I hope that if you’re reading this and stuck in this mentality, don’t worry about it! You’ll get you’re momentum back, just start right now!! The actions you take today, will have an affect next week, next month, next year. So no matter how small, it matters! Just start!


Getting ready for 2017! Which I’ve decided will be my best year yet

The bigger issue is, what do we do about the “F%@£ it, it’s Friday” mentality!? That’s a little harder to fix 🤔

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Nobody’s perfect!! But who wants to be anyway?!

A word I find quite amusing is “perfectionist”, not because I’m SO far from perfect that it may as well not be in my vocabulary (which is also true)!! But because I don’t think that any of us actually know what it means! One person’s “perfect” is another persons absolute disaster!! Not only is perfection impossible to achieve, but if we were, quote-unquote, “perfect” then boyyyyy would our lives be boring?!?!

Imagine trying to explain to somebody what a perfect day you had, EVERYDAY!!?!? We would literally have nothing to talk about.

I can’t speak for everyone, but for some reason, whenever I try to be “perfect”, life has other plans for me and takes the opposite route. It’s almost like the MORE I try to reign all of my imperfections in, the more they rebel, in a quest to reveal themselves to the world!! How embarrassing 🙈


I think we all need this!!

Anyway, from experience, I would suggest that instead, you should try to embrace your imperfections. When it comes down to it, that’s what defines us. Our inability to keep a straight face when we’re getting told off, the fact that we are more likely to open something if it says “do not open”, how much interest we have in the “wrong guy” instead of “the guy that will do anything for us”! We are ridiculous creatures!!! But guess what, we learn. And 99 times out of 100 we choose to learn the hard way, which is so painful!!! But those are the lessons that will shape us forever.

So really when you work yourself into a state, and mentally reel off that list of all the things that are wrong with you, what you should be doing is trying to work out what elements of your “imperfections” make you so special. I found it hard to grasp this at first, and would get so frustrated with myself – why couldn’t I just be like everyone else?
Silly now when I think about it 😜


I chose to live by this quote. Every year, I aim to make progress on my previous year 🙂

I’ll give you my example of my “imperfections/specialities”……

  • Trait; I never ever knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. Had no clue! I knew that somewhere along the way I wanted to perform, I wanted to travel, I was keen on cooking, I love to write. But really, in terms of one solid career, I didn’t ever know what direction to even start!
  • Problems this caused; When people around me were selecting their courses to focus that would take them to their dreams, my path spread out around me in multiple different directions, and it caused me to panic like you wouldn’t believe! My confidence vanished and my self-belief plummeted.
  • How I used this to my advantage; After years of rebuilding myself and working hard on my personal development (which is another story in itself) I began to realise that I could flip this into a positive. What was stopping me from deciding that I was going to do it all?! Reaching for many little goals and achieving them then gave me the confidence and ability to strive for larger ones! Rather than one story, I’ve created lots and they all overlap and intertwine, which has made me the person I am today!
  • Pros; I have created a very exciting and passion-fuelled life for myself that I wouldn’t change for the world; I literally cannot remember the last time I was bored!!
  • Cons; Sometimes I wonder when I’ll ever be completely satisfied, but I guess I’ll keep going until I know 😊

This is just one of many little “glitches” that I have, but the good news is, they aren’t so bad after all . I hope this helps somebody to realise what I realised not too long ago; Your imperfections are perfect, and will lead you to the life that was always destined for you xx

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What is everyone’s sudden obsession with drinking aloe vera?!

You’ve got to have been hiding under a ROCK if you haven’t noticed this sudden influx of people drinking aloe vera!! You’re probably part of the large percentage of people wondering what the heck all the fuss is about?!?! Is this just another passing craze?! What does it actually DO?!….Well, look no further my friend, I’m here to enlighten you, and feed your curiosity 😊 And no worries if you’re already a serial-aloe-drinker, there’s still a few things you should know….

Aloe vera is by no means a new discovery! This tropical plant has been nicknamed “the miracle plant” “the medicine plant” and “the silent healer” for close to 5000 years!! More recently, it started to make a little cheeky appearance in some of our cosmetics and other products on the market. Promoted for its healing and soothing qualities, and highly marketed for its fast and effective relief from sunburn. For a lot of people, their knowledge of what the plant can do ends there; but luckily I’m here to give you the low down! Keep reading! It’s just getting good 😜

First of all, YES aloe vera can be ingested! And NO it’s not part of the cactus family! It’s actually closer to the onion and garlic family, which means a strong and distinctive taste!!! Hate to break it to you, but aloe didn’t get the same yummy taste as it’s distant relatives 🙈😖 It is an “acquired” taste to say the least!!! A bitter and thick pulpy liquid, but I can assure you that the benefits of this heavenly plant make every last bitter drop worth it!
Yes!!! You can drink aloe vera!!

There are so many brands of aloe juices and cosmetics out there, so it’s kind of hard to know where to start. First of all, I have used aloe for my entire life! Being of Caribbean descent, my grandma’s back room is full of mature aloe vera plants! (They have to stay indoors because they can only survive in a tropical climate. Hence why you don’t walk around and see aloe plants growing in the wild on our side of the world.) My family are very familiar with the plant, in fact when growing up, it was a running joke that aloe vera could solve any life problem!!! Sore throat, have some aloe vera!! Tummy ache, you guessed it, aloe vera!! Grazed knee? Aloe to the rescue!! Alien invasion?! No I’m kidding about that last one, but you get the gist. So because if this, I’m so particular about aloe being in its purest form, because that’s what I’m used to.

The problem is, because we can’t harvest the plant here, it’s kind of hard to grow them as quickly as we use them. Many aloe products on the market contain a hint of aloe, and are saturated with sugars and artificial flavours (If you enjoy the taste of your aloe juices, you’re probably not drinking aloe 🙈) The same applies to the cosmetics too. A lot of companies aren’t exactly transparent when it comes to talking about how much aloe their products contain. So because of this, I always just stuck to pure plant and rationed it so that grandma wouldn’t freak out upon seeing that her plants had disappeared.
Aloe Vera Plantation, Dominican Republic
So anyway, a few months back, I came across an aloe product range that is the closet thing I’ve ever found to the plant itself, and now I absolutely swear by it!! Just call me the Queen of Aloe! But more to the point, what does aloe vera actually DO?!?!


Aloe Vera gel, straight from the leaf

First things first; It’s important to know that the outer leaf doesn’t actually do anything, it’s just there to seal the goodness inside. The “good stuff” is the clear jelly-like substance inside the leaf!

When applied to skin, aloe is brilliant for helping to;
* Reduce the appearance of scars
* Prevent infection
* Heal wounds with minimal scarring
* Fast relief of cuts, bites and stings
* Clear up skin conditions such as eczema, acne and psoriasis
* Soothe irritations
* Fast and effective sunburn recovery

When ingested, aloe is incredibly helpful for;
* Providing a natural long-lasting energy boost
* Giving the body it’s necessary vitamins and minerals
* Maintaining a healthy digestive system
* Preventing feeling bloated
* Boosting the immune system
* Natural detoxification
* Treating constipation
* Reduction of inflammation
* Improving joint flexibility and helping to relieve painful joints


Aloe vera plantation, Dominican Republic

As I mentioned earlier, there are a LOT of products on the market that feature aloe! Seriously, give them a try and see how they work for you. I’m happy to recommend what I use, as it’s the most concentrated aloe gel on the market, which, for me, has meant quicker and much more noticeable results! 🙌🏽🌱Take a look at the links below for more information and health tips! And I’d love you to share this blog and spread the word 🙂 Thanks for reading.

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Three things that happened when I started saying yes!

It’s so important to know that everybody’s life journey will be completely different. I know it really goes without saying, but as humans, we are extremely complicated creatures and sometimes we’re so busy being complex, that we forget about the simple things – or choose to overlook what may appear to be common sense. No two people will experience the same things, or have the same thoughts, or remember the same moments – which is what makes us so ridiculously unique!!! We can be sat right next to somebody and watch the exact same scenario play out, yet interpret it in completely different ways! Isn’t that crazy?!

As I said before, this is by no means a new discovery. So, I have a question….. 🤔 Knowing this, why do we sometimes have a tendency to look sideways, and compare our journeys to somebody else’s? It’s a completely illogical thing to do, yet I’m certain we have all done it, some of us may even be doing it right now?! It’s bad habit I suppose. But like all habits, it can be broken.


3 steps to a better life

I am soooooooo guilty of looking sideways at people who seemingly cruised through life without so much as a bump in the road. Yet there was me clinging on for dear life, as I got flung around left, right and centre, my knuckles white from holding on as tight as I could onto the rollercoaster of life, that dragged me full-throttle whether I liked it or not!

There are two simple explanations for this, and they both apply in this circumstance;

#1. These people were also being dragged around on their own personal rollercoasters. Believe it or not, we are all surprisingly good at appearing like we’re holding it together, even when we’re completely falling apart.

#2. I (and I know many of you are the same) would intentionally put myself into much more challenging and difficult situations than the average person probably does. That’s not to say I believe I’m any more capable or worked harder than anyone else, but I have a hunger for things that some people would view as “unrealistic”. Therefore, I would immerse myself into a environment that mildly resembled a shark tank, and figure out how to get out later 😳 (preferably alive)

Introducing my “YES” mindset!!!


Our personal journey is the reason we’re here

The “YES” mindset is both your best friend and worst enemy, which is why some people choose not to have it!! The “best friend” part doesn’t come until later down the line, yet the “worst enemy” part meets you right at the start line. This makes it the easiest point to give up because you’ve not invested too much at this point, so you’re not reallyyyyy losing anything. (That’s what you’ll tell yourself) But, if you choose to stay on track, what you’ll meet at the finish line will 100% change your life!! Here’s how….

Unless you really put yourself out there and challenge yourself, it’s very likely that your life will stay the same. That might not be a bad thing at all, you may already have your perfect life and can not see anything that could possibly improve it. Additionally, yes, opportunities do occasionally knock, at your door, however, if you haven’t yet developed your “YES” mindset, you may overlook them; once you’ve overlooked so many, they tend to stop coming, and it will then take much more effort to find them again. Even the tiniest of opportunities can lead to the most incredible things, so I believe it’s important to be open to them.

More often than not, a “YES” mindset leads to meeting new people. Whether it’s visiting a place you’ve never been to before and meeting new people there, or having a go at something that you enjoy and meeting a person with common interests. Either way, if you only stick to your current routine, it makes it difficult to be around new people. I’ve always been 1000% happy with the friends that I’ve always had and did not have a need for anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I still am 1000% happy with my lifelong friends, but whilst travelling or trying something new, I’ve now met people who I have many deeper common interests with, and who I have experienced things with that I never would with some of my other friendship circles. There are SO many sides to all of our personalities, and it’s very rare that we will have exactly all of the same interests as all of our friends. Your “YES” mindset encourages you to be around those people that you wouldn’t usually come across.

The personal achievement that you feel after a journey that begins with your “YES” mindset, is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding feelings that you’ll ever experience!! I think a lot of us have a little space floating around inside us that craves for more. “More what?,” you ask. Honestly, I don’t know….Just more of something that you can’t quite put your finger on, it’s different for every person, but it generally boils down to your own personal fulfilment and satisfaction. Once you’ve achieved this, really, really achieved it, the rest is history!!
The funny thing is, I do still look back and cringe intensely at some of the challenges I have dared to attempt. But no challenge is impossible, and unfortunately it’s very difficult to get good at something and look good doing it. So we MUST allow ourselves to be amateurs, everybody was at some point!! Even the top dogs!


Learn to laugh at your mistakes

I can honestly say that although my journey seems as though it’s been a tough one (and will probably only get tougher!!) the fact that I’ve said yes has already developed me into someone I’d never thought I’d be. I am absolutely certain that this applies to most if you reading this, but the times I have used my “YES” mindset and stuck to it, have paid off incredibly. It’s never too late to develop this mindset, and if you’re not there yet, I’d encourage you to start today. And why not?! If I can do it, anybody can. It will literally change your life!!

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The truth about the C9 Cleanse

Ok, so I know that you’ve probably heard something about this “C9 Cleanse thing”???You probably know of someone who’s tried it or you’ve seen posts about it on social media, or maybe you’ve even tried it before? Either way, you mayyyyyyy have heard something but don’t worry if you haven’t until now, I’m here to give you a breakdown of what it actually is!! But first, I’ll tell you what it ISN’T….

* It is NOT some crazy fad diet designed to starve you to death.
* It is NOT a quick weight-loss programme that guarantees an instant body-builder physique.
* It is NOT something that you should repeat every 9 days in order to continue to add to your results.

It is, in fact, exactly what it says on the tin. C9 = Cleanse 9 = Body cleanse/detox in just 9 days!! Ta-daaaaaa, we like to keep things very simple!

Basically, without getting too technical, the cleanse is designed to provide the body with the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients whilst cleansing the body through the internal organs, and preparing it for a smooth transition into a healthier lifestyle. The C9 comes equipped with everything that you will need (excluding food🤔) during the cleanse period. So you just sit back, relax and follow the step by step instructions!!! There’s even an app to tell you what to do when you’re on the go! Couldn’t be easier.


So I decided to do this C9 cleanse as a way of kick-starting my fitness journey, which I have been saying I’d do for some time. Me + two friends decided to go through this journey together! And thank goodness we did!!! Every time I even thought about the snack cupboard, or considered reverting back to my biscuit munching habits, I would seem to get a motivational “we can do it!” Or “think of the results” what’sapp message, it was like they knew!! 😶😶😶 So anyway, here’s the lowdown on my experience with the C9…..
Days 1 & 2

OMG!!! What have I done?!?! 😩 Looking through the C9 box for some “low calorie sweets or chocolate” and it turns out, there aren’t any!!! 😩😳😥 What I DO find though, are blister packs of supplements, 2 bottles of aloe drinking gel, a tape measure, fibre sticks, a day-to-day tracker for me to fill in, and fabulous drink shaker!!


What’s in the box

I’ll just tell you this now… the first two days are by FAR the most difficult!! 48 hours feels like at least a year!! This is because, in order to have an effective cleanse, you’ve got to wash all the bad stuff out of your body, which involves drinking a LOT of aloe gel, a lot of water, and refraining from gobbling up all those delicious meals we are so accustomed to. I’m not sure if you know what the inside of an aloe leaf tastes like, but when you do this cleanse, you’ll sure know about it!! Prepare for a distinctive bitter taste, thick and pulpy in texture. It’s not sold for its taste, but the amount of goodness that this gel alone offers to your body makes every last drop of it completely worth it!! So I closed my eyes and gulped down 120ml of the stuff 4 times a day!! Surprisingly, I quickly got used to it.


Let’s do this!!

I noticed, during these two days, just how many urges I have a day to take a little walk to the fridge or the cupboard to pick out and indulge on whatever took my fancy. But I stuck to the structure of my C9 booklet, and although all I wanted to do was eat an entire pack of biscuits, I was determined to do this properly!! And slowlyyyyyyy the urges eased off. I began to look forward to my daily protein shake, (which are hella tasty by the way) and ate my “free foods” when I began to feel hungry. (All of the free foods are listed in the C9 booklet and app)

Day 3
Getting into routine
Ohhhh day 3!!!! How I love you!!! 💕😝Not only did I weigh myself and discover that I had already lost 4lbs (🎉👊🏼) But today was the day that the cleanse introduces a second delicious protein shake into your food schedule. AND on top of that, we get a nice cooked meal of 600 calories. I know what you’re thinking!! 600 calories is nothing!! But I can assure you that there are lots of delicious filling meals that will keep you within that 600 calorie limit. I cooked a homemade chicken and aubergine curry topped with plain yoghurt and coriander served with wholegrain basmati rice 😋🍽 I had been fantasising about this for 2 days, and wow was it incredible!!!


Scrumptious homemade chicken and aubergine curry

Something that surprised me about Day 3, was that I actually began to miss having all those shots of the aloe gel 😶 After the first two days, the C9 plan only requires you to drink 120ml of the gel a day (rather than 120ml x 4) after the 2 main cleansing days are complete ✔️

Days 4 to 8


Wholegrain spaghetti with salmons and creme fraiche sauce

Wholegrain spaghetti with Salmon, Cherry Tomatoes & Creme Fraiche
Easy peasy lemon squeezy!!!! I’ve totally got this!! 😁 The workouts have increased in intensity because my meals are giving my body even more energy. If anything is a great motivator, it’s seeing how much this is really WORKING, and not just for me, but for my training buddies too!!
So let’s talk about the pros and the cons:

* I’m drinking so much water that I constantly have to pee!!
* I’ve had to restrict my social life to avoid temptation!!
* I spend all day fantasising about what delicious 600 calorie meal I’m going to whip up! 😋💭

* I’ve saved A LOT of money!
* I feel energised!
* No day time naps!
* My urges to snack have subdued!
* The physical RESULTS are fantastic!!

Not much to complain about!!!

Day 9

The final day!! I strangely felt sad about the cleanse coming to an end, it was great to have that
discipline and follow the structure of the program, as well as have my friends doing it alongside me.
My final weigh-in revealed that I had lost 5.5lbs in just 9 days!! And honestly, it really wasn’t
difficult. At times, YES!! But overall, in 9 days to lose that amount??!? 😳 Can’t complain! And not only that, but I’m feeling sooooo good on the inside as a result of the cleanse. It’s been a really great way to kick start my fitness journey 😉

I feel AMAZING!!!
Now, I hate to break it to you, but it is NOT recommended that after the cleanse, you run out and eat an entire bucket of KFC to celebrate your success; but instead maintain your healthy lifestyle. There is even a kick-ass follow-on programme that helps you to keep those food habits at bay and will
enable you to see even further results. This cleanse is really just scratching the surface 💪🏽

If you want my honest opinion, I’d highly recommend giving it a go yourself and seeing your results, I’d love to hear all about it!! If I were you, I would just make sure that you don’t have any big parties or holidays booked within those 9 days.


Results in just 9 days!! And this is only the beginning!

Thanks for reading my blog, feel free to comment or ask me anything about what you’ve read!! I encourage you to tell your friends!!
💕share the blog, share the love💕
Sherilyn xx

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When your dreams are bigger than your bank account…..

I know that at times it’s so easy for us to forget how unique and individual we all are; we each have qualities that nobody else has, yet tend to force ourselves to conform to what we are told that we should become.

I have always known deep down, from a young age, that i wanted more for my life than I had started with. My dreams grew in size the older I got, even though I was constantly told by those around me that I would need to “settle down” and find a “real job” eventually.

I find it so hard to believe that humans, the fascinating creatures that we are, were put onto this gorgeous planet to spend the majority of our lives doing something that doesn’t necessarily fulfil us; I want more than that for myself, and deep down I think everybody does, but the fear of being different terrifies us! And the fear of failure is unbearable to most of us! Myself included, which is why I’ve decided that failure is not an option!

I distinctly remember the time in my life when I stopped believing that anything was possible. This is a story for another time, but the bottom line is that this was a horrible feeling, and this quickly led to a downward spiral of negativity and depression I blamed myself, I blamed my upbringing, I blamed the people around me. Once I was in that place, I never thought I’d get out! On top of that, in true spirit of the law of attraction, everything else began to crumble dramatically around me. Friendships suffered, my confidence was shattered, I seemed to attract unfortunate events, I distanced myself from my family, my work life was depressing. I felt as though I was completely falling apart.

I then began to travel, at first this was my way of escaping my problems, but anyone who has been through something similar will understand that it doesn’t work. There may be a delay at first, but these problems will soon catch up with you, and when they do, it hurts like HELL!! Looking back, I think it’s important to remember that no matter how things may seem on the outside, you never truly know what a person is going through.


I’ve never met a strong person with an easy past

I never would have expected it, but during this vulnerable time, something amazing happened to me. Through travelling, I learned so much about myself; my strengths and weaknesses, I experienced true joy and fulfilment and I witnessed first-hand some of natures most beautiful backdrops. My attitude towards life developed and I now understand how it feels to cherish every moment, no matter how hard it is in that moment. The old phrase “life’s too short” springs to mind, and it’s so true.

One big lesson I learned is that everybody’s “normal” is different. And that is completely ok! What doesn’t seem bizarre to me sounds ludicrous to another person and vice versa. This is the beauty of what makes the world so unique, if everybody wanted exactly the same thing, planet earth would be a pretty boring place!

I think what I’m trying to say is that once you find the tiniest hint of something that intrigues you, or makes you happy, do what you can to act on that curiosity! “Feel the fear and do it anyway” I guarantee you won’t regret it!! And if you do, I give you full permission to tell me off 😝


Climbing Mount Fuji, Japan

No matter how low you find yourself, there is an endless amount of sky, and there is plenty of room for you to rise, so just go for it! Your dreams and desires are embedded in you right now, but if you’re anything like me, you may have pushed them away to make room for your “normal” life. Allow them to resurface, and indulge in your dreams. Imagine life as if you can have anything you set your heart on! (Which you absolutely can)
9 times out of ten, your dreams will be bigger than your bank account, however, by acting on your dreams and accepting opportunities, your bank account will grow! Focus on your happiness, and enjoy this crazy, out of control rollercoaster that we call life!

Love Sherilyn xx

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